Louise Erdrich biography, wiki, bookstore, family, husband, net worth

Posted on 24th of November, 2017

Louise Erdrich biography, wiki, bookstore, family, husband, net worth

Louise Erdrich is a famous American novelist and children’s book writer best known for her simplicity and native touch. Erdrich’s writings are most popular because of the simplicity and deeply coated feelings. As per her wiki, she was born on 7th June 1954 in Little Falls, Minnesota, the USA as Karen Louise Erdrich. An art-loving and sensible child Louise grew up along with her writing passion. Grown up in an intellectual family where both of the parents were boarding school teachers, she was a good student indeed. She received a BA from Dartmouth College and got enrolled at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. The writer of a dozen of novels Louise Erdrich started writing after completing Masters in Arts. Her excellent masterpieces are best-sellers on different online and offline bookstores. Her sister Heidi is also a famous poet, they both have a good relationship with each other. The actress has been living an extravagant lifestyle supported by her jaw-breaking net worth. Currently, she resides in the USA with her husband and 6 children. The writer’s biography is an extension or growth from a normal writing-loving girl to a sensational novelist. The lady is an inspiration for those who want to publish their mindset and thoughts in a paper as she did.


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Biography and wiki

The first ever story written formally by Louise was The World’s Greatest Fishman published in 1979. Later on, that same story became a starting point for her debut novel named Love Medicine. In 1984, Love Medicine was able to win the Critics Circle Award, this encouraged Louise further. The Beet Queen published in 1986 became her second novel, its main plot was based on World War II. 2 years later in 1988, Tracks was published which was mainly based on the differences between Roman Catholic Church and Traditional ways. Some of her other books include The Bingo Palace, Tales of Burning Love, The Antelope Wife, The Last Reports on The Miracles at Little No Horse, The Masters Butcher Singing Club, The Plague of Doves, and several others. Her other books are meant for the children and some portray poetry skills she holds. Birchbark Books is a bookstore which is composed of a lot of literary things including Louise’s new works and other books. The bookstore mainly focuses on selling books from native writers, Louise is very happy about her involvement there. The 63-year-old energetic lady is a very good observant, she includes practicality and normal things as her content. But the explanation is of another level which we simply do not think of and that makes Louise’s books a true masterpiece.


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Family life

The successful writer is a caring mother and an amazing wife in her real life. She and her husband Dorris met in a poetry seminar and both were inspired by each other. Dorris is originally from New Zealand and writing was his passion. The duo came closer and began doing collaborations on several short stories. Later on, they married and after some time of their marriage, the couple adopted three children. They also have 3 biological children, now the whole family is living in a prosperous and blissful manner.  


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Net worth

The list of works she has done gives us quite much of hint about her lifestyle. She is currently enjoying very high-profile, sophisticated, and luxurious life along with her other family members. That’s possible due to Louise’s income and net worth. According to some sources, her net worth is 1 million US dollars while the annual income amounts to be 200 thousand US dollars.   

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