Charlie Watts is an American drummer. He is famous for being a member of Rolling Stones since 1963. He is also famous for his family name Charles Robert Watts. Scroll down to know more about Charlie Watts.  

Early age, parents, and siblings of Charlie

Charlie Watts was born on 1941 2 June in Bloomsbury, London. He was born at University College Hospital. His father’s name is Chlres Richard Watts and his mother’s name is Lillian Charlotte (néе Еаvеѕ). His father was an employee at London Midland & Scottish railway as a lorry driver. Watt has a sibling named Linda. He lives in Wembley, at 23 Pilgrim Way. 

Most of the houses in Wembley were destroyed by bombs during World War II. That’s why he and his family organize their living. He has a childhood friend named Davy Green who was a good friend of his till his last breathe. His childhood friend green was also in the music industry as a jazz bass player. 

Educational background of Charlie

Charlie Watts was interested in music from a very young age. He attended Tylers Croft Secondary Modern School. He was also interested in cricket and football when he was young. After completing high school he was hired by Charlie Daniels Studio as a graphic designer. His parents gave him his first drum kit in 1995 to support his drumming talent. 

Later he enrolled in Harrow Art  School at the University of Westminster. At that time occasionally played drums with local bands in coffee shops and clubs. He collaborated with music aband named Jo Jones All-Stars, and he runs from 1958 to 1959 where he enjoyed his jazz skill. 

Career and professional life of Watts

Charlie Watt is an amazing person who worked as a drummer in the industry for more than six decades. Since 1963, he joined a band named Rolling Stone as a drummer. Initially, he was trained as a graphic artist. He started playing drums in blues and London’s rhythm clubs. He also met Brian Jones, Keith Jones, and Mick Jagger. He joined the group Rolling stone in 1963 as a drummer.  Jagger and Charlie are members of the group who were featured in all their studio albums. 

He was the star of the band cause along with the drummer he helps the group with their graphic arts and comic strips designer. His famous works are Between the Buttons record sleeve and their 1975 tour announcement press conference in New York City. He was involved in many hit projects in the music world such as Еvаn Раrkеr, Јасk Вruсе, аnd Соurtnеу Ріnе, Grеаt Аmеrісаn Ѕоngbооk, Вrіdgеѕ tо Ваbуlоn, аnd Rоnnіе Ѕсоttѕ аmоng оthеrѕ.

Besides his musical career he is has appeared in many films including The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, Stones in Exile, Willie and the Poor Boys, Stones at the Max, Ladies, and  The Savoy King: Chick Webb and the Music That Changed America, Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones, Rock of Ages: An Unauthorized Story on the Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones: Satisfaction:…

Watt’s wife, kids, and grandchildren 

Watt is married to Shirley Ann Shepherd since 1964 October 14th. As of 2021, they have completed 57 years of their marriage. They know each other before the popularity of the band. Together they have a daughter named Seraphina. Seraphina was born in 1968 March. Watt and Shirley have a grandaughter named Charlotte from their only child Seraphina. 

Height, weight, and body measurement

As of 2021, he is 80 years old. He stands 5 feet and 7 inches in height and 78 kgs. There is no information about his body measurements and shoe size.

Net worth and Achievements 

As of 2021, the net estimated net worth of drummer Charlie Watt is $170 million. The primary source of Watt’s income is his professional Record producer, Film producer, Actor, Composer, Drummer, Horse breeder, Graphic designer, Sympathy for the Devil, Paint It Black, Wild Horses.  Besides this, he is also a Musician, composer, producer. 

Charlie gave his life to the music industry being an extraordinary drummer. He was a great drummer and has achieved lots of honors for his talent. He was an irreplaceable drummer as well as he was also honors for his stylish dressing.  He has received honors in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Modern Drummer Hall of fame. He was listed among the World’s Best-Dressed Men in 2006. 

Health conditions and Death of Charlie

He was in bad health condition due to the moderate use of alcohol and drugs in the mid-1980s. In this condition, he says that it was his way of dealing with family issues. He also explained saying he thought it was his mid-life crisis and it makes him a totally different person when he comes out from it in 1986. He nearly lost his family and everything because of this behavior. 

He was identified with throat cancer in 2004. In 2021 August 5 he was elected to sit out the resumption of the US No Filter Your owing to a medical surgery of his heart which was the reason that Steve Jordan would replace him temporarily. On 2021 August 24, at the age of 80, Charlie Watt died in London hospital. His bandmates Richards and Jagger paid tribute to him. Some other rock celebrities, musicians also paid tribute to his death such as; Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Elton John, the member of U2, Pete Townshend, Dhani Harrison, Bryan, Questlove, Roger Taylor, and more. On his death and the following day, the official website of Rolling Stones contents was replaced with a single picture of Watts in his memory.