Jane McManus is widely known as the U.S’s first female war correspondent. She has a back of the Manifest Destiny and the ‘All Mexico’ movement through her political journalism. To know more about Jane McManus stick to the end of the article. 

Early life and educational background of Jane Mcmanus

Jane Maria Eliza McManus was born in 1807 in the town of Brunswick near Tory, New York. Every year her birthday falls on April 6th. Her parents are Congressman William McManus and mother Catharine (Coons) McManus. She enrolled in Emma Willard’s Troy Seminary, a college for women. However, she didn’t graduate. 

Jane was married to Allen Storm at the age of 18 on 1825 August 22. Allen was a student in her father’s law office. She gave birth to a son William Mont Storm after 1 year of marriage. However, their marriage didn’t last long and split by 1832. Then she resumes her maiden name. 

Career and professional life of Jane

In 1845 Jane was assigned to a secret peace mission by President Polk to Mexico. Back then she rode on horseback there. In 1847 March, while there was an outbreak of the Mexican-American War, she went to the front, there she encountered Winfield Scott’s capture of the fortress of Vera. From then she was better recognized as a first-ever female war correspondent in the history of American.  In 1848 she gives hand in the negotiation of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in which guarantees of property rights to both male and female nonresident landowners were included. 

She worked on a canal-building expedition and banking project when she was in Mexico. She centered her attention on Cuba, and the possibilities it represented, denouncing its Spanish colonial overlords, and advocating its annexation at the end of the Mexican-American War. Later she settled at Eagle Pass, a frontier village three hundred miles up the Rio Grande from the Gulf of Mexico, introduce many local Indian Chiefs.  

Besides journalism, she is also good at writing. She has written Getting to know Cuba: A Travel Guide ( 1989), Phane: Phoneme Awareness Made Easy (2001), Mistress of Manifest Destiny (2001), Cuba island of Dreams(2000), Bichon Habanero, toy Havanese (1994).

Personal life of Jane

Jane’s first marriage was failed after six years of her marriage. She has one son of her marriage with Allen Storms.  After separating from Jane, Allen died in 1838 in New York City. Alen’s and Jane’s son, William Mont Storm. On February 4, 1851, his first invention was patented for an “Improved method of obtaining motive power”. He had at least 33 patents to his name, with most in firearms, but many other devices as well.

Jane was married to William Leslie Cazneau in 1849. Willian Leslie Cazneay is a former politician from Texas. After marrying William her political field began to emerge. William and Jane started to operate ‘commercial penetration’ of Mexico, Central America. In 1878, on December 12 McManus died cause she was drowned at sea. 

Jane’s Net worth and salary 

In her career and professional she did very well and became famous because of her hard work. As you know journalism career field does pay well and is remarkable for fame. But the net worth and salary of Jane are still unknown. As soon as the information is out, we’ll inform you.