There is no sports lover who doesn’t know controversial sport owner Ago Jerry Jones. But you may don’t know how tall he is, what is his age, about his grandchildren, achievements ad awards, and bio. In this article, you’ll get to know Ago Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.  

Early life and educational background of Jerry

Ago Jerry Jones’s birth name is Jerral Wayne Jones. Jerry was born on 13 October 1942 in Los Angeles, California and as of 2021, he is 79 years old. His family moved to North Little Rock. He is the son of J.W ‘Pat’ Jones and his mother Armenia Pearl Clark Jones. He started to play football from his high school days in North Little Rock High School. 

After completing high school studies he attended the University of Arkansas. He was part of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity when he was in University. In his college football career, he was a captain in the 1964 National football Championship.  Coach Frank Broyles also made him an offensive lineman. He has played with teammates like Кеn Наtfіеld, Јіmmу Јоhnѕоn, Јіm Lіndѕеу, Glеn Rау Ніnеѕ, аnd Lоуd Рhіllірѕ. 

After graduating from college he borrowed one million dollars from Jimmy Hodda’s Teamster union and establish a chain of pizza restaurants in Missouri. However, he failed in this business and he works for his father’s company. He gets a degree in business in 1970. Before his successful business like Jones Oil and Land Lease in Arkansas, he set up a few businesses that were unsuccessful. 

Professional life of Jones

Jerry Jones worked as executive director in his father’s insurance company after his graduation. He missed his chance to buy the AFL team due to her master’s study. After completing his post-graduation in business from Arkansas he set up many companies but however, they failed. His oil and Gas company in Oklahoma was hugely successful and expanded rapidly. 

He opened many branches in the western USA and even in Canada. On 1989 February 15 he bought ‘Dallas Cowboy’s team from H.R Bright for $140 million. Then the team was not so popular and their performance was also poor. Then he managed the team and take them to the height of the sports success. Then he was titled as thе bеѕt NFL frаnсhіѕе оf thе 1990ѕ. In the year 1992 and 1993, thеу еvеn wоn thе Ѕuреr Воwl. Thеn in 1995. They again mаdе а соmеbасk and achieve thе Ѕuреr Воwl Wіnnеrѕ tіtlе.

Jerry’s personal and married life

Jones was married to Eugenia Jones in January 1963. They met each other at the University of Arkansas. They have very interesting stories since they were unknown. Jerry was a team captain while Eugenia was in first at the University. They met on a blind date when they were at university. On her first date, she takes a friend with her cause everyone praises jerry but Eugenia was unknown about Jerry Jones. 

On the date, he bought her a teddy bear. They dated each other for a year and find compatibility with each other so they ended up in marriage. Eugenia Jones was a model by her profession in Arkansas in the US. her nickname is ‘Gene’. They both welcome two sons and a daughter together. Their kid’s name is Stephen, Charlotte and Jerry Jr, Eugenia Jones. 

They are now blessed by grandchildren from their three children. Jerry and Eugenia have nine grandchildren in total. Four children named Jessica, Jordan, Caroline, and John Stephen are from Jerry’s first son Stephen and daughter-in-law Karen. Three kids named Shy, Paxton, and Haley are from Jerry’s second kid daughter Charlotte and son-in-law Shy Anderson. And other two named James and Mary Chambers from Jerry’s third kid jerry Jr. and Daughter-in-law Lori.   

Height, weight, and body measurement of Jerry

As of 2021, Jerry is 79 years old. Now, he is about to step into his 80s but he’s still a very active energetic person. Jerry stands 6 feet and 4 inches in height. It is not known about her weight and body measurement. We’ll update you soon about it. 

Jerry’s net worth and salary 

The estimated net worth of the Ago Jerry Jones is $8.5 billion. He has made a huge fortune and fame in his CEO career. His primary source of income is an American businessman and Owner of the National Football League (NFL)’s Dallas Cowboys.

Awards and honors of Jerry 

He has been working on the sports field as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and all his hard work pay-off. He was honored and awarded many awards in his career life for his excellent work. In 1964 he get the FWAA College football National Championship Award as co-captain of the Arkansas team.

In 1993 he get the Outstanding Team ESPY award as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys team. In 1995 he was title as the owner of a most valuable sports organization by the ‘Financial world’ Magazine. In 2013 he got Horatio Alger Award. In 2017 August he was invited into the Pro Football Hall of the Fame.